Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More bootleg audio

Pastor Gaines likes to keep his Wednesday nights relatively free, without the need to prepare and preach a sermon. This, we learn from the "Saving Bellevue" gang via surreptitiously-obtained audio now on their site.

If my failing memory serves, Pastor Rogers didn't preach that many Wednesday nights over a 32-year period. But, since it's Pastor Gaines in the crosshairs (and yes, I used that term deliberately, if metaphorically), it's just one more thing to pile on him about.

The accompanying text to the audio:

Why Steve Gaines doesn't preach on Wednesday night.

Turn Audio Up

Why don't you preach on Wednesday Night?

Tonight is Wednesday Night. What is Steve Doing?

Click on Above link and go to today's date.

Where does the revenue go the Revival Preacher & Music Leader receive?

Who pays the stand-in Preacher when the Senior Pastor is Preaching away at Revival. Is this why it is called a Revival?

I was told Bellevue paid Johnny Hunt $5000.00 for preaching at Bellevue on Wednesday night in Awesome August. Please advise if this is incorrect.

REVIVAL 2nd Baptist Church Union City, Tennessee
Begins: Sunday September 24th, 2006
Ends: Wednesday September 27th, 2006




Guess it wouldn't occur to anyone to actually ask why they were in Union City. Could it be, oh, I don't know, because they had agreed to participate in the revival quite awhile back?

And a note to Jim Haywood: I notice you, or whoever's helping out, seemed to have removed Adrian Rogers' audio from the front page of your site. Kudos. Go with that feeling, and dump this "Wednesday Night-gate" nonsense, too.



will mckay said...


Excellent post; thanks for addressing this.

Blessings brother,

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bratton,
I have been a member of Bellevue Baptist Church for over 49 years. For your information, Dr. Rogers did preach on Wednesday nights (especially after first coming to the church).

Mike Bratton said...

Almost fifty years as a Bellevue member, yet you are another "anonymous" responder? Thank you for your faithful attendance and membership, but it eludes me why so many people are compelled to conceal their identities.

If I may be so bold as to quote myself, let me remind you of what I said regarding Pastor Rogers and Wednesday nights. I quote myself thusly, and like so:

"...Pastor Rogers didn't preach that many Wednesday nights over a 32-year period."

Thank you for the information, but you haven't told me anything I didn't already know. Indeed, Adrian Rogers even went so far as to preach a number of Wednesday-night-specific series, such as "What Every Christian Ought To Know." But there were long stretches where we as a congregation were blessed to hear other staff members deliver the Wednesday evening messages.

Not once (that I'm aware of, at least) was Pastor Rogers criticized for not taking the pulpit and preaching during midweek services.

Let's see how often Pastor Gaines preaches on Wednesday nights between now and the year 2037. Until then, my observation holds; anti-Bellevue types are grasping for anything that might even remotely disparage him, going so far as to browbeat him (and Jamie Parker) for leading--gasp!--a revival!

Again, thanks for your participation here. Do come again!


Mike Bratton said...

And Will, I praise the Lord for your kind words.

Much obliged. Stop by again!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bratton,
You seem to know so much. How long have you been a member of Bellevue? You have no reason to thank me for my attendance. I don't go to church for you. I go for the Lord Jesus Christ only. By the way, I am not against our new pastor. I was just making a comment about the many years Dr. Rogers preached on Wednesday nights.

Mike Bratton said...

Since you asked, I first joined Bellevue as a young college boy. If memory serves, that was around 1982. I've been affiliated with more than one church during that time, particularly when I've lived out of town, but I have always thought of Bellevue as "home."

My wife joined, and I rejoined, Bellevue upon being relocated back to Memphis in 1994. Our family has been consistently involved in the life of our church since then.

And if I may be so bold, I do have reason to thank you for your attendance! The body of Christ is made of many members, and I can only imagine the many and varied ways you have served our Lord in this one local church over the span of nearly fifty years!

Those of us who are younger Christians should take the opportunities we have to bless and thank those who have gone before us in the faith.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the post. I saw it last night but was too tired to read the entire thing at savebellevue. Now I can't find it over there so It's a good thing you also placed it here.

With respect to Wednesday nights... I don't think the pastor should be required to preach every Wednesday. It is nice to hear different members of the staff. For example at my home church I seldom run into the singles pastor so it is a nice treat to hear him preach on Wednesday. Allows you to get to know staff members a bit you otherwise would seldom meet.

Anonymous Repartee.

Anonymous said...

Great work Mike, keep it up brother. Finally a Blog that actually has the Truth!


Jerry Valentine said...

It saddens me to think there are individuals at Bellevue who claim to be founded in Biblical truth, yet do not practice it.
As I recall, we are instructed that, if we have an issue with a brother, to confront him. If the issue is not resolved, go back with a few fellow believers and readdress the issue. If there is still no resolution, bring the matter before the church. No where do I recall being instructed to hang whatever dirty laundry there might be at the city gates for all to see. Involving the media in an internal church matter is small and vindictive. I am inclined to believe someone has had their feelings hurt in the transistion to new leadership, and this is their way to get even.
If you recall, Brother Steve was not only the choice of the pulpit committee, but the personal choice of Dr. Rogers. Do you think he made that choice lightly, without much prayer and meditation? It is a dishonor to the memory of our beloved Dr. Rogers for all this slander and mudslinging to be happening in our light on a hill.
My prayer is for level heads to prevail and the name of Jesus be glorified.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to choose a leader. It is quite another for that leader to conduct his affairs and administration with diplomacy, humility, and integrity.

One cannot hide behind Dr. Rogers for the decisions one has made.