Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just in case

My comments on some of the "anti-Bellevue" blogs don't, as a rule, make it through the approval process. In case this latest one doesn't, I've taken the liberty of reprinting it here. I quote myself thusly, and like so:

"Someone told me..."

"I don't agree with (insert name or program here), so they need to..."

"I think (insert name here) is just making too much money, so..."

"Well, (insert name here) says (insert slur here) about (insert name here), so it has to be true..."

"You know, I'm just struck in my spirit that (insert slur here)..."

"Gee, I hope this doesn't get into the local media... Wink, wink..."

How unfortunate.

I encourage those of you who've contributed to all this nonsense to engage in some prayerful introspection. Your personal opinions about what should or should not go on at Bellevue--and about who should or should not serve there--don't, frankly, serve as the be-all and end-all.

Yes, I know that's harsh, but it's the truth.

To those who actually signed their names to their remarks, I applaud your fortitude, even if I don't applaud your unfounded attacks.

Do we have perfect people on staff at Bellevue Baptist Church?

No. Neither do we have perfect people in the congrgegation. What we should have are brothers and sisters in Christ who work together, even if some of us don't always get our way.

Have some recent situations been handled as elegantly as they could have been?

Probably not. However, there's been enough inelegance to go around, particularly on the part of people who seize upon the slightest opportunity to point at a staff memeber and scream "Off with his head!"

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Seriously--go back and examine what you're saying and writing.

If you can't see the problem, go back and examine it again, because it's there.

And if you want to discuss this in greater detail, I'm incredibly easy to find.


EDITED TO ADD: Surprise, surprise, surprise. (Like my Gomer Pyle impression?)

Someone who couldn't bring herself to sign her name, and who submitted a response loaded with standard personal disparagements of Bellevue's Pastor, Associate Pastor, Minister of Music, "and the others" made the cut.

My above-quoted missive, submitted earlier in the day, did not.

This must've been what got her post over the top--I quote her thusly, and like so: "I shall continue to pray for you and as a woman, my place is not to stand and speak, but to pray and intercede."

Ma'am, whoever you are, your post (presumably made to other Bellevue members) is standing and speaking. If you felt your place was to just prayerfully intercede in matters, you wouldn't have written what you did.

Unfortunate. Only the anti-Bellevue remarks (and yes, that's exactly what they are) get to see the light of day over there since it's an anti-Bellevue party they're having.

On the other hand, when you folks feel comfortable enough to post comments (and I know you're out there reading, since I see the stats), your comments regarding Bellevue may be either pro or con.

Or, maybe a little of both... Kind of a "surf and turf" thing...

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