Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama forces GM CEO Rick Wagoner to resign... Here Comes The Regime...

A few years ago, I can remember being mocked by more than a few liberals for referring to Hugo Chavez as a "dictator in training." Turns out that such a call wasn't off-base, after all.

In case there were any people who doubted that the Lightworker had unseemly aspirations for both himself and the United States, today's little bombshell put us well past any point of reasonable doubt.

Barack Obama is a dictator in training.

He already has people moving to abolish the 22nd Amendment.

He freely admitted, as a candidate, that he was interested in the forced redistribution of wealth.

He already has plans to establish "universal voluntary public service" and/or (depending upon which euphemism you prefer) a "civilian national security force."

He is nationalizing the banks in which we keep our money, and is nationalizing the care we use for our health.

And now, he is able to suggest to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company that he ought to resign, and what happens?

He resigns.

"Effective immediately."

When Rick Wagoner should've asked Obama what branch of the Armed Forces he planned to bring with him to make Wagoner get out.

If you don't have a Tea Party near you in which to participate on April 15th, or thereabouts, start one yourself. The country has seen enough of President Barack Obama, and it's time he followed Rick Wagoner's lead.

Effective immediately.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

"What do you like about the church?"

Watch this.

After you watch it, do what you know you ought to do.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

A word from my daughter.

Awhile back, my little girl felt like writing about an experience she'd had, one that taught her an important lesson. Let me share it with you, thusly and like so.

I broke my arm a few weeks ago. But my dad didn't believe me because I wasn't always truthful to my word. I was playing basketball. We were playing 3 on 3. And I was about to grab the ball, but instead I fell and popped my arm on the floor. I went to school as regular the next day. I went to the school nurse during class and she wanted me to get it X-rayed. When Dr. Wolf was finished with the X-ray he came into my room and said "It's a small fracture." I was freaked out. I almost screamed. They took me into a room where they wrapped my arm in a soft gauze. Then they put some thing on me that immobilized my arm. Then they wrapped my arm in two ace bandages. I went to the doctor's office the next week and they unwrapped my arm and said it was doing fine. Sometimes the doctor might be wrong. Jesus is never wrong. Jesus will sometimes let the devil attack us, to see how we react. But Jesus never makes mistakes.