Wednesday, September 20, 2006

As long as they spell your name right

Hey, it finally hit the local paper.

Kudos to the Memphis Commercial Appeal (Disclaimer: Memphis Publishing Company, their parent organization, is a former employer) for reporting both sides of the goings-on. They seem to be just as willing as WMC-TV to take a website counter's tally as accurate--never mind the fact that they can be set to pretty much any number desired--but on the whole, James Dowd did a good job of reporting.

Except for referring to Josh Manning, who helped disseminate the nonsense via blog, as "Manley" later in the article.

But, hey again, both Mark Sharpe and he got quoted, to match up with Jim Haywood's interview on WMC-TV. Let's examine their quotes, shall we?

First, from Mr. Sharpe:

"I knew when I opened up that I'd be demonized and ostracized and my life at Bellevue would never be the same," Sharpe said. "But all I've ever wanted was the truth."

The truth? Or a venue for personal opinion?

Mr. Sharpe, you're being disagreed with, and that's pretty much the beginning and the end of it. Except for the fact that you're being prayed for.

People come to visit you, trying to talk with you, and they're suddenly trespassing and intimidating. Mr. Sharpe, last I checked, both behaviors are against the law; I note that you've granted interviews and offered your personal opinion at length, but if these things really are what you say they are, why haven't you called the sheriff's department?

And now, from Mr. "Manning" (not "Manley"):

"I hoped to establish a dialogue and provide a forum for church members to discuss their concerns," Manley said. "I think we've done that."

Could you have been misquoted? Could you have meant to say "some church members"? Not all church members' comments are aired in the so-called "forum," so you'll forgive me for thinking something got lost in the interview.

Oh, and I guess congratulations are in order to you folks--Mr. Manning, Mr. Sharpe, Mr. Haywood, et al--for your "2006 Controversy" section in Bellevue's Wikipedia listing.

Just the truth, right? Discussion among church members, right?




Daboking said...

Good job with blog. I concur with your sentiments regarding the save Bellevue site. Bellevue may not be church home, but I recognize all the good Bellevue has done for the Memphis community, and there is no room for this sort of and divisiveness in any church that boldly proclaims the Gospel truth. Keep it up, and keep a voice of truth and reason to shed light to cut through the fog of lies.

Andy said...

Can someone e-mail me the save bellevue site?

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