Sunday, September 10, 2006

Being less polite

After reviewing my previous post, I had to admit that--as my wife so often observes--my inner diplomat was in high gear. So, let me be less obtuse and more up-front in commenting on the pseudo-issues some are attempting to gin up at the church where my family and I are members: Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee.

The church which experienced the "tectonic break" is a nearby church, Germantown Baptist. Since their difficulties were well-publicised, I'm not telling any tales out-of-school by lamenting the difficulties that church has recently endured. Matter of fact, some friends are among those serving in interim capacities at that church, which makes me very optimistic that good days are ahead for that church.

But on to the matter at hand. One of this links you'll note to the right is a link to a rudimentary website with the lugubrious title "SavingBellevue"--something else I can't help but laugh at whenever I read it. The hearsay- and whine-laden website links early and often to a Blogspot site grandly known as "BellevueTruth." Unfortunately, comments are no longer allowed on that blog, so the sarcasm, disingenuous remarks, and general fantasy have neither checks nor balances against their proliferation.

These twin outlets have allowed various types of hacking and slashing at the current leadership of Bellevue Baptist Church (particularly Senior Pastor Dr. Steve Gaines) with practical impunity.

Don't like the Pastor's priorities? Why, call him names!

Don't like the music choices? Why, disparage the Minister of Music!

Don't like the way a dispute's resolved? Why, go public!

It would be easy to just ignore such nonsense; however, these tirades against Bellevue and the people God has called to serve in various capacities needed, so I've been led to feel, a counterbalance. Such as it is, here it is. I'll continue to monitor the nonsense, and respond as conditions warrant.

And I'll actually write about other things, as well. Yes, I know, you're all atwitter with anticipation...


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