Thursday, September 28, 2006

i2, Brute?

For lack of anything else to fuss about, now the anti-Bellevue huddle has set its sights on the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevils of (drum roll, please) marketing!

Apparently, there's an ad for Bellevue's i2 Thursday night young-adult get-together that has the audacity to have within its frame a head-shot of a smiling young woman. Heresy, right? I mean, obviously, her first name must be "Jezebel" to allow herself to be photographed... smiling... and then to let her image be used as part of an advertising campaign!

Oh, but look at that.

It's disappeared from the site almost as quickly as it appeared.

But it was there, in all its glory. Let's pray it doesn't reappear.



Anonymous said...

I think this issue is probably the pettiest of all. I mean honestly, an i2 ad?? Has Mark Sharpe ever been to I2? I sure haven't seen him there. And what is the big deal that a young woman was on it? Is he saying that only men should be? Hmmm, maybe i'll wear a robe that covers my entire body from the neck down next time, wouldn't want to look my age or anything because I might be on an ad!

Anonymous said...

Sex sells! So it comes as not surprise that the New Bellevue wants to use sex appeal in it's ads. The ad was wrong...plain and simple. It was difficult to tell if the woman was wearing clothes or not....just what the marketing people wanted but not what the majority of Bellevue members would want. Yeah, I won't post this but hey...there's no's served its purpose.