Saturday, October 28, 2006

A request

There's a new link on the righthand portion of the screen. It's the first one in the list, entitled "Loving Bellevue."

Please follow it.



Anonymous said...

The video has been removed by the user.

I wanted to see it.
Maybe there is another way to get to it??

Derrick Calcote said...

From the description of that video:

If you are among those who have sewn seeds of disunity, in love I call you to repentance.

Seek forgiveness from the Lord.
Seek forgiveness from those you have wronged.
Grant forgiveness to those who have wronged you.

Only then may our fellowship be restored and we truly be "One in the Bond of Love."

The only thing I'll add is that I think the above is good advice for us ALL. (And I'm most certainly including myself in that.)

In His service and yours,

Derrick Calcote

Mike Bratton said...

The video is still very much there.


Derrick Calcote said...

There were two copies of the video up there. Now there is only one.

Here is the direct link.

Anonymous said...

I think it might be smart to ask Ms. Rogers if it is OK to assume publicly what Dr. Rogers would do in this situation before you start using video and quotes.

you are crying out for unity but only on your terms.

sure Dr. Gains needs more accountability . . . We all could use more

Is their some truth in this stuff? . . . maybe and it would be foolish to not investigate if some have concern. I agree with that some of the persons opposing you are pointing out very small and minute issues. However they are making some larger accusations and they are just as much members of BBC as you thus if they have concerns it should not be swept under the rug.

It would be wise from here on out not talk about yourself if you are going to argue the issues unless you want the issues to be about you. To correct someone by comparing them to yourself would not be the best step toward unity.

I understand that I am signing this "anonymous" and that is not because I am ashamed of anything it is just that there are others that the "fall out" could affect and that is my reasoning

will mckay said...

Please watch this video.

Let's not neglect our marching orders.

Psalm 67,

A_Peasant_in_the_Pew said...


The video of Dr. Rogers is very touching.....almost as if he knew what was ahead! Dr. Rogers loved unity within the church, as we all should. But he wasn't a pushover either. Do you remember how Dr. Rogers fought hard and stood firm on his stand against the liberal direction that some in the Southern Baptist Convention were taking several years ago? Was that divisive...should he have just said, oh, well, I don't want to start of fuss, so I'll just go along with the flow? Of course not, and I for one, am glad that he stood firm in his position and I am sure that you are too!

People are going to have disagreements....that doesn't make them bad people. The way to know if a man has integrity, is to know what he does when no one is watching. Accusations have been made....yes, some are serious....some are petty. As for the petty accusations, I say forget about those. But for the serious accusations, I think a little trasparency might be in order. In my simple way of thinking, it should take about ten minutes to clear this whole thing way or the other. If it happened, let's deal with it. If it didn't happen, lets prove it and move on. Maybe I am living in a dream world, but I would like to think that the people of Bellevue would find it within their hearts to offer forgiveness if improprities have been committed. If they can't forgive, then they have a much more serious problem than anything that has been discussed in this forum.

I challenge everyone to quit choosing sides. We are all supposed to be on the same team.
Our Pastor holds the key to the olive branch....I pray that he uses it soon.

IWTK said...

With all the dust flying around, what are the "big" issues that remain? I too dimiss the petty issues.