Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm still around, folks--just taking a few days of vacation in a part of the United States where the Internet isn't pervasively available.

I must say that I'm heartened and blessed by the responses to my lack of activity. And while I'm thinking about it: For the person, whoever you were, who suggested that I was so, so in the wrong for blogging, let me refer you to the very first posts I put here. I'd love to be writing about other things (and I plan to), but the current Bellevue situation has prompted me to respond with an alternative point of view.

Thank you for your interest. Give me a bit of travel time to get back in front of my HP keyboard, and we'll see where it goes.



Anonymous said...

you are a good writer, just stop the comments about pro or con concerning our church. I hear you but do not think I need to go public. I'm ashamed of what has happened and God tells me to try and stop you, Josh Manning ,and all the public comments being thrown around.I know beyond a shadow of doubt that Jesus wants this stopped and I think deep down you know he dose not need you to defend him in this way. Use your immagination and lift Jesus. I will be the first everyday to read what is coming from your heart about him. You can change the Tempo and Jesus will speak through you with tenderness. remember we all are sinners, yet he loves everyone of us.

Enjoy your vacation

Josh Tucker said...

I'd like to lay one issue to rest. Any rumors that Steve Gaines left West Jackson Baptist due to unethical behavior or under a cloud of discontent are patently false. My cousin's grandfather (a former FBI agent and police captain), a man I've grown up knowing, was chairman of the deacons at West Jackson Baptist while Steve Gaines was pastor there and he would tell anyone who asks that there was nothing about Steve Gaines tenure at West Jackson Baptist that should give cause for suspicion or skepticism. In fact, after living in Arkansas for a while, my cousin's grandfather has now moved back to the area and is attending Bellevue specifically because Steve Gaines is the pastor.

Also, it appears that there is some grumbling amongst a few of the "saving" bellevuers that David Coombs is taking his new position in the church without having received an actual seminary education. Interestingly enough, I was informed that Jim Whitmire never had one either when he first came to Bellevue.

notonlyamemberbutsomuchmore said...

Nor did Bob Sorrell, and that's never bothered anyone. Dr. Rogers didn't have a "Dr"--it was honorary (Steve Gaines is a Dr., and its an earned Dr.). Greg Addison is a pastor of a church in Arkansas--and he's just a lawyer--no seminary degree in sight.

日月神教-向左使 said...