Friday, January 09, 2009

Going on the record

I'm going to tell you something.

Something that might shock you.

Believe it or not, I'm carrying around a few extra pounds.

And as of yesterday, I began my latest attempt to do something about it.

This time around, I'm going the doctor-supervised route, which makes sense for me. The injection and supplement regimen, plus the weekly check-in, look to be a way to seriously address this issue, which has steadily, sneakily worsened over the past two decades. For those who know me well, that's roughly the time I got into the very sedentary business of radio.

We have a new basketball hoop, which will give me the goal (pardon the pun) of getting back to slam-dunking. I still have friends who are in a permanent state of disbelief about that, but in my lithe, ├╝ber-athletic youth and early adulthood, my elevation was very good. Just like my kung fu. But I digress. By my next birthday, I expect to be able to elevate well enough to at least pull off a one-handed slam. Hey, it's a... target.

To be serious for a moment: There comes, I believe, a tipping point for people in addressing issues such as weight loss. Mine was a recent one, weeks ago, when I began to develop, for lack of a better term, a "perception" about myself. Now, while tall is fine, I've been big-and-tall for quite awhile, to my embarrassment. Recently, it became more than just embarrassing; I began to develop the sense that I was wearing one of those "fat suits" popularized by folks like Tyra Banks on her television show, and by Mike Myers in his "Austin Powers" movies with the character of Fat... well, I can't really say his name, but the character coined one of my favorite phrases, "Get in mah belly!"

So far, today, I've had a granola bar and a banana. Two hundred and sixty-five total calories taken in today. And I'm not hungry. It's an encouraging start.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.



Jessica said...

For serious...

Easy way to track calories and exercise. It helped me knock off thirty pounds of post-baby weight pretty easily and quickly.

It isn't a diet or anything, they have a huge database of food that will help you balance out how much you are eating with your exercise. It helps keep you from eating too few calories as well so that you don't go into starvation mode, etc.

Lynn said...


check out

They have several different freeze dried fruits that might help as well. You can also find the apples and pears of theirs at Costco.

Mike Bratton said...

Thanks, both of you.

It's unofficial, but I believe I've shed four pounds already.


maybejustmaybe said...

Well, for the record, Mike - me too. I'll keep you in my prayers and would covet yours for me, as well.

Memphis said...

Mike, great news to hear you are getting back in shape, and basketball is a great way to do it, but please do not become a "resoluter". You know the ones that start off the New Year all gung Ho about exercise only to fade away by the time the SuperBowl is here.

Mt workouts for my triathlon training are very structures and SCHEDULED. This is very important. Thankfully I have a wife that supports my activities!

Also if possible, try swimming, it is great exercise. I swim in the morning before work, and you'll be amazed at how well it works you out!

Good luck brother!

michelle mann said...

I used to get soooo mad at you when we were younger - you could eat ANYTHING...all kinds of junk...and would never gain weight!

I heard a funny on some movie I was watching recently - I think it was The Devil Wears Prada. A woman in the fashion industry was given a compliment on the weight she had lost. She replied, "Yes, I'm just a stomach flu away from goal weight!"

Good luck with your efforts - I know our genetic predisposition doesn't exactly help matters.

Mike Bratton said...

Hello, sis! Call me!

Yes, folks, the metabolism used to be that of a hummingbird, until I hit 25 or so. I could (and Michelle can testify to this) eat a dozen hot dogs at a sitting.


Yes, the genes flipped a switch roughly twenty years ago. However, there is hope.

One week (roughly), and I'm down ten pounds.

The big 1-0.

Yep. Surprised me, too. I'm thinking a lot of that's water weight, but I'll take it.

I'm finding that the journaling is a major help. If you decided to write down your caloric intake, it's there on the paper staring back at you. And watching the numbers add up isn't as traumatic as I thought it would be.

I'll let you do the math, folks. That ten-pound start is roughly ten percent of the weight I purpose to drop.

Triathlon? Go get 'em, Memphis. I just want to be able to dunk again.

And I'll be praying for you, Mrs. W.


Doc Bill said...

MB- I run about 30 miles a week & it has done the trick for me for ten years or so. Course, I'm reckonin' not everbody's knees can handle that. I seldom crack over the 120 barrier, though that could be attribunated to a strict canned meats/meat byproducts diet, or just plain malnutrition...sorta like the chicken & the egg, which are staples of the Atkins diet. Course, over the next year we might find tax rates higher which would mean less money for food. So theorectical like, Obama might be one you could thank when you reach your goal.

Swimmin, like Memphis said, is good too...just make sure the lake aint got no alligator-garfish in it, cuz theysa latch on to anything thats latchable (just ask my neighbor, 'six toes' Miller). 10lbs. is a good start and commendable. Course I drop 'bout ten to twelve pounds every spring when I get my backhair sheared. On a sidenote, dunkin past a certain age has a lot less to do with the weight than it does with the knees. But if you do, I for one wouldn't think it braggodochiousal if you post up a video...and none of this 9 foot goal stuff either buster! Best to you and your shrinkage(not a Seinfeld pun).

Since you seldom respond when I post, I'sa take the lack of such to mean..."Thanks Doc for the advice & for being just a downright decent human bein'."

ps...btw, if all else fails, keep in mind that I am a highly esteemed yet unlicensed cosmetic surgeon specializing in but not limited to cankle reduction.

Mike Bratton said...


The scale at the clinic says I'm down 19 pounds.

In 3 weeks.


Memphis said...

I have seen no updates...

Are you dunking, a rim grabber or still ground bound?

Mike Bratton said...

I have not checked my vertical leap recently, but I am down 25 pounds.

Doc, your vivid visual imagery has scarred us all for years to come. I'll be sending you the therapy bill, and I suggest everyone else do the same.

And who told you my goal is currently set to 9 feet?


Tim Greer said...

You go, my man. Been on the same crusade myself for about a year now. I've lost over 50 pounds. Between the two of us, my wife and I have lost the equivalent of a small human. Check out this book:

Eat This Not That by David Zinczenko

Also, I know you're keeping up the Trek reboot. If you haven't seen trailer three, you can thank me later:

I got sorta jazzed at the line:
"Your father commanded a starship for 12 minutes and saved 800 lives."

-Tim G