Friday, December 26, 2008

Think I might get in trouble with this one?

In case you haven't noticed, the Obama/Biden transition team is using as their "official" Internet presence, after bum-rushing a milquetoast bureaucracy with the request. I asked them to stop:

Please cease and desist the use of the .gov Internet domain immediately. Since there is no "Office of the President-Elect" in the governmental hierarchy of the United States, such misrepresentation as your camp is engaged in is disingenuous. You insult the work of legitimate governmental entities with your presumption.

As an indication of maturity, please us a .com, .org, .info, or other generally acceptable domain. It is a deception to identify anything having to do with the Obama administration as "governmental" before his inauguration.

If you'd like to pass along a similar sentiment, well, you know where to find Barry and Joe.



goooooood girl said...

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David said...

Come on, Mike, Obama is the duely elected president of the United States of America -- he has the right to use .gov. The man does get CIA briefings.

Mike Bratton said...

David, not until January 20th is he the President. You might have noticed that "Elect" business tagging along mentions of Obama?

Until then, he has no Constitutional authority to act as anything other than a United States Senator. His behavior puts his arrogance on full display.

Now, if you're up for a coup d'etat, you can install him into office before the appointed time; if not, then you (and he) should show a modicum of patience.

And to the young lady who wrote on the 27th, welcome to the blog. I'm glad you appreciate the substance of it, but it would be great to have less generalized posts from you in the future.


Lynn said...

Actually....right now Obama is not even a senator. He stepped down from that right after the election...hence the showcase we had last week with Burris.

Mike Bratton said...

Excellent point, Lynn. Thanks for the reminder. As of now, Barack Obama holds precisely no position within any branch of the United States government.

Would that it would always be thus.


gobeavs said...

So, you are concerned about a domain name designation? The president-elect is making every effort to begin his job early, while the current president is just counting the days. And you're upset about how he goes about connecting w/ the masses?

Just seems like bitterness to me....enjoy your blog though. :)

Mike Bratton said...

No, the only pejorative that is applicable here is hubris.

As in the hubris of Barack Obama. This is just one early example of it, mind you.

God is in charge, so any bitterness on my part would be short-sighted. Nevertheless, the next four years will bring unprecedented problems for the United States. And you'll be able to source them back to BHO--Barack Hubris Obama.