Friday, November 14, 2008

Wonk, wonk, wonk.

Here's the deal.

Having a wonk as President isn't a good idea. Apparently, as if it's a rule of some game, being a wonk means trading off something--like a moral grounding.

The last wonk we had was Bill Clinton, and I think the White House cleaning crew is still trying to get some stains out of the Oval Office carpeting. He may have been able to rattle off the names of all manner of foreign dignitaries (and pronounce their names correctly), but Clinton's moral compass was long ago smashed into tiny little pieces.

While President Bush hasn't exactly been everything a conservative could've hoped for, he wasn't a wonk. His morality has been solid, and though people may disagree with his conclusions, it cannot be argued that he has arrived at them without a strong moral influence on his decision-making process.

Now, the nation is back to a wonk--two, if you include Biden. Oh, yes, Obama can rattle off all sorts of foreign-policy goodies, even though he's only spent hours more in Iraq than Gov. Palin. People like Jon Meacham of Newsweek can perhaps get Chris-esque tingles at the mention of the Lightworker, but even before the election we understood that Obama has no moral rudder.

At the end of the day, the Office of the Presidency is one where decisions must be made. Good decisions are made by people with good moral character.

With the announcement of planned executive orders from Obama to allow the harvesting of yet-to-be-born children for experimentation, as well as the prohibition of crude-oil exploration, we see that the bad decisions from the latest Wonk-In-Chief have already begun.



The Shepherd Report said...

Mike, you're spot on in your conclusion of the poor decisions yet to come from the Oval Office, but I must say, you're much kinder than I am in presenting your case against the Anointed One.

May God help us all.

Nikki Shepherd

solomon said...

Just FYI, there's a post on my blog (accessible through my profile) that some folks might be interested in.


maybejustmaybe said...


What a beautiful tribute to our dear friend JM. Thank you for letting us know, and for honoring him with such beautiful words. I think, truth be told, most of us are much more like JM than we might ever want to admit - we just lack the experiences he had in life that gave him the courage to be real. I am so thankful for his reunion with his family, and I pray they all will be blessed for having taken that huge step of reconciliation.

And may we all be encouraged to do the same, wherever possible.

Much love to you, my brother, JM, my other brother, Keith, and to the many other brothers and sisters I've come to love on these blogs.