Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rest easy, John Mark

Earlier this evening (as in just a couple of minutes ago), I found out that one of the folks who have contributed to this corner of the Internet had passed away. Fellow blogger Keith Solomon has written an eloquent article about this gentleman, who participated here primarily under the sobriquet of "John Mark."

It is awkward to consider his passing, since we never had the opportunity to meet in person; however, his change in demeanor was a blessing to see. Even at this moment he is completely healed, and experiencing by sight the presence of God which we only know by faith.

Please read Keith's article.



Jessica said...

I was so sad to hear this.
Keith, please email me if you get a chance. I have a question for you.

larry said...

Gosh, I hated to read this. I knew how sick he was, but I was hoping he'd get better. Last time I heard from him he was looking forward to spending the holidays with his nieces and nephews.

His life was punctuated by tragedy, but like everyone else I was blessed to have seen the changes in his attitudes.

Jessica, I'll let Sol know you're trying to reach him.

faithnhope said...

I'm also really sad to hear the news of john mark's passing, but I rejoice in the knowledge that he's now in the presence of the Lord. I never really knew what to make of his posts, but my precious sister Faith always told me that he was sincere.

I wish I'd been more trusting of him.

WatchingHISstory said...

I also miss JM and know he is experiencing the grace of God in heaven.
rest in peace