Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama is now impeachable.

I will explore this in depth in my next article, but here's the crux of the matter: Trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his fellow terrorists in a U.S. court of law, rather than dealing with them through military channels as enemy combatants, is giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States of America.

In case that phrase, "aid and comfort," didn't ring a bell, that's a definition of treason. Since the Obama Administration has directed this travesty, the blame lies not only with Attorney General Eric Holder, but primarily with President Barack Obama. And Obama's treason is more than sufficient reason to impeach him.

Let's see if it happens. We can only hope--and pray.

More soon.



goob44 said...

You are correct, Mike, however, the "powers that be" in both Congress and the media would never let that happen
If they've let slide the fact that the appoiting of 'Czars' is unconstitutional, that mandating that people buy healthcare isn't in the constitution, not to mention any number of other things, they'll never let it happen.
It would be 'racist' by their standards.
And besides, Clinton is still to fresh in people's minds - we can't impeach two 'black' presidents (lol).

Cakes said...

Aid & Comfort? Tehe--the wingnuttery over here never ceases. You'd criticize Obama if he used his left turn signal.

Better than the last nitwits and criminals that occupied the White House.

Mike Bratton said...

Thank you for that substantive comment, goob.

And thank you for that unsurprisingly fact-free brickbat, Cakes.


Cakes said...
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Cakes said...

You're never surprised by any counter I or any other perceived evil doer articulates on your esteemed blog; and no one is ever surprised that you relay as much, not to mention your disappointment. I'm just surprised you didn't also chide me for not showing up with a covered dish.

You lay out this tenuous argument that the President's decision regarding trials and Guantanamo Bay constitutes an impeachable offense, and you're looking for qualifiers from me? You believe this, but let me guess, you’re not convinced of global warming? Tehe!

I've attempted real discourse here and it's been for the most part disqualified, based on the fact that I am a Non-Christian. Why would I expect anything different restating the data and statistics of the Bush years--including the estimated 80,000 civilian deaths in Iraq?

No, whatever I say here is disqualified by my déclassé stature out-of-hand. Why go through the motions, when nothing will dissuade your already calcified predilections concerning my motives and character? What's the point?

You believe in your politics the way you believe in your Bible. There's really no where to go, logically or factually, since you'd most likely just use your trademark idioms to impugn my sources and, of course, me.

Be well, Mike.

Mike Bratton said...

A few things, some of which are the nuts-and-bolts of what I'll explore in my follow-up article:

1) Obama and Holder have both promised that KSM and his comrades will be convicted.

2) That flies in the face of the whole due-process, innocent-until-proven-guilty thing that goes along with criminal trials.

3) Between Obama & Holder's prejudicial conduct and the fact that a good deal of evidence was gathered under various levels of (gasp!) duress and will have to be thrown out of a criminal proceeding, there is a good chance that KSM & Company will walk.

4) Making it easier for terrorists to escape punishment is both aiding them and comforting them.

5) Already, the takeaway from this situation is that Obama has zero respect for what the rule of law actually means in the lives of individuals. If government officials can pre-judge a defendant in one criminal case, and see that case go forward, what's to prevent any government official from behaving the same way in less-infamous cases?

6) Obama got elected because a significant number of Americans don't function on any other level but an emotional one. This near-phobic avoidance of measured discourse and analysis even, on occasion, manifests itself in some of the comments other people leave here.

7) The two-sided coin of personality-bashing and personality-worship is, since November 2008, the newest coin of the American realm; naturally, the words "In God We Trust" are nowhere to be found upon it. My prayer, and the prayer of other Christians, is that people will not merely come to their senses, but come to a clearer understanding of what's wrong with this country, and Who can heal both the nation and so many of her citizens.


HEWY said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


Ran into you at NewsBusters in your thread on Christianity, Conservatism, and Brit Hume. Nie to see you again!

Quite an interesting "debate" you had with Queen Mum. I was following it closely.

I've added The Bratton Report to my Conservative Firestorm blog. I think it's a nice fit. If you ever wish to become a CF contributor, please do not hesitate to let me know via CF blog site.

I also posted an Open Invitation on NB in the Forum Topics section under Latest News.

Nice blog, good read, and Long Live the Republic.

lisacolorado said...

I know! This presidency is FUBAR!

lisacolorado said...

I surfed here from my blog, Gertrude.