Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is Obama "God's partner"?

(Linda Stelter/Birmingham News)

Yesterday, American dictator Barack Obama had a conference call with a group of roughly 1000 Jewish religious leaders, during which he made an astounding statement--one that was astounding, in its narcissism, even for the new dictator Obama.

In addressing the rabbis on health care, Obama the Usurper was quoted by Rabbi Jack Moline as saying this (I quote thusly, and like so): "We are God's partners in matters of life and death."

Let that sink in for a moment. "We are God's partners in matters of life and death."

Keep in mind that ol' Barry thinks it's a fine idea to kill developing children--even via the barbarism of partial-birth abortion. Remember that Barry believes the "bitter" cling to "guns and religion," can't find a church with which to affiliate, spent decades listening to the rants of a cult preacher of ethnocentric liberation theology, and couldn't be bothered with the National Day of Prayer.

Oh, and be certain to remember that Barry is a faux Christian. He uses the faith as a prop, opining that there are "many paths" to a right relationship with God, discounting Jesus' own pronouncement that "no man comes to the Father but by Me." And now, Barry is trying to use others' beliefs as a prop, attempting to convince Jewish rabbis (all of whom should read Obama the riot act for his anti-Israel, pro-terrorism attitude toward the Middle East) that they should get on board with Obama's desire to nationalize health care.

This same Obama--the Lightworker, the Usurper, the first American dictator--believes himself to be "God's partner" in "matters of life and death." "But he said 'we,' Mike!" Now, last I checked, the word "we" means "you and me." Do you believe yourself to be God's equal? No? Then that "we" is actually "I," correct? Indeed, you might have heard of the Royal We, as in "We are not amused." That's what Barry was saying: We are not amused that you haven't rolled over and accepted rampaging socialism, so we must remind you that we are God's partners in matters of life and death, and we must be accorded the accompanying deference.

Those of us who are Christians are described in many ways. We are children of God, joint-heirs with Christ, servants, and such. We are not characterized as God's "partners," ever. God has no partners; He has followers, but He does not share the limelight, the responsibility, or the throne with anyone else.

One thing to consider, though--these words were spoken, not printed initially. Perhaps Obama was referring to another being? Should we take his words as being "we are god's partners in matters of life and death"?

Or (and this would make more sense, knowing Obama's narcissism and the advancement of the Obama cult of personality) "we are gods, partners in matters of life and death"?

Ah, if we had some audio. But however you parse it, Barry's perspective is a new low.



David said...

When you call Obama a dictator and use other flippant terms, you lose all credibility with your arguments and show hate for people instead of hate for the sins of people.
If you really lived under a dictator you would not use that name calling to someone who is far from it. And to be sure, your web site would not even exist.
I am disturbed by the hatred that seems to spew from you. It is the kind of radicalism that turns people away from Christ not towards Him. Is that what you want?
May God have mercy on you!

Mike Bratton said...

Several years ago, David, I heard comments similar to yours from people who insisted I was out of line for referring to Hugo Chavez as a dictator. I stood by my observations; obviously, they turned out to be accurate.

Since January of this year, we have seen unprecedented centralization and nationalization of both the U.S. government and the U.S. economy. One glaring example I've documented at this site: We now have a President who can call up the CEO of a major corporation, suggest he resign, and the next day see the CEO do just that, "effective immediately." The United States government now owns car makers, banks and other financial institutions, and will soon own the nation's health-care mechanism. We're also in line for a "civilian national security force" that will be every bit as large as the current U.S. military.

Since all that upheaval is not the result of an oligarchy, but at the command of one individual, what do you suggest we call him, David? Obama has certainly overstepped the Constitutional boundaries for any Presidential behavior. In short, if it looks like a dictator, walks like a dictator, and quacks like a dictator, it's a dictator.

It is not "name calling" to call a spade a gardening implement, just as it is not "name calling" to call someone who behaves in a dictatorial fashion a dictator. You, David, burned your credibility before you finished typing your character-assassination comment, presuming hatred and an anti-Christian agenda on my part. I've seen a lot of verbal Molotovs tossed in my direction here over the years, so yours is not surprising, though it is disappointing.

What do the early months and years of a dictatorship look like, David? Do you know, or are you just tapping out a knee-jerk response on your keyboard? Obama's regime has already labeled people like me as terrorist suspects, thanks, just for the crimes of being a Christian and disagreeing with the Dear Leader. He has people ranging from inner-city youths to Hollywood celebrities pledging to serve him. And he has, already, at least one member of Congress investigating how best to get the 22nd Amendment repealed so that Obama won't be constrained by term limits.

If labeling and deflection are all you have to offer, David, you've come to the potluck supper without a covered dish. And since I gather this is your first post here, may I suggest you read more of what I've written on this subject before coming to such asinine conclusions.


gopher said...

Hi Brat ...

This is Goph

Its so nice to see that at least you have one eye open...

Here's the event Obama will be attending -"Here"

Too bad your other is still closed to the other 5th column ...


Mike Bratton said...

Sorry, gopher... What, precisely, am I closed to? You've lost me there.


solomon said...


Remember gopher's currently obsessed mental state. She's referring to the fact that you can't see that Steve Gaines is some form of anti-christ and haven't devoted a considerable percentage of your time to stalking and denouncing him.

The real shame is that if she'd spend a tenth as much time studying the Bible as she does wasting her life campaigning against Steve, she'd be a spiritual giant by now.

Mike Bratton said...

Thank you, O Wise One.

Not having been a member of that church for a couple of years now, I actually forget how vigorous the obsessions are against it.

If the antis understand the use of the term "fifth column," meaning the enemy in our midst, the only way they can use that term is in the sick mischaracterization of Pastor Gaines as an agent of Satan.

But I digress.


日月神教-向左使 said...