Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More from the Obama cult's Music Department

I found this earlier today at BeliefNet.com, and after picking my jaw up off the floor, though it was worth letting you know about it.

Familiar with the song "Lord Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary"? Here we have someone who's done a little lyric surgery, changing "Lord" to "Love." And love for whom, you might ask? Why, the Lightworker himself, Barack Obama.

God forbid that enough of Obama's cult followers vote on Tuesday, November 4th to see him become the next President. As I've observed before, and as Joe Biden has promised, an Obama Presidency will be loaded with trouble.



John Mark said...

Looks like the video's been removed. Too bad, I'm sure I'd have 'enjoyed' it.

And Barnabas, you've been holding back!

Mike Bratton said...

It was removed by the original producer, but I found another copy of the video.

Here's a tip: Take the Pepto before viewing the video, not after. Saves you a lot of discomfort.

And Barnabas does his thing. He's quite a help--thus the sobriquet.


John Mark said...

Curious. So the premise is that these people's love for Barrack will prepare them to be some kind of sanctuary? A sanctuary for what, exactly?

Pure and holy? What kind of holiness is based on unenlightened self-interest?

Looks like some of our Christian words are going to be redefined over the next 4 years...

goob44 said...

I've seen and heard some sorry and sad things on the internet, and this ranks right there with them.
I'm sorry I wasted the 3 minutes or so it took to watch people who have absolutely on idea of what truly will happen if Obama is elected. I really feel bad for the children who were co-opted into the "We love Barack" hysteria.

Mike Bratton said...

Don't consider it a waste--but, rather, an investment in understanding the root cause of Obama's appeal.


bigdipper said...

The cause for his appeal is very simple to me. We are living in finacially tough times [at least that is what his side keeps saying]. He is a good speaker. He is able to stir the heart without touching the brain. And he promises the problems will go away if he is given a powerful enough hand to genicide the opposition [which of course is left up to him to decide].
History has a way oif repeating itself. Ask the people of Germany about giving their soul and heart to such a person.
I am very serious about the comparison and will not back down to the power of the left, right, or center. It will not matter which side you are on when the sides fall off of this one time great country.

John Mark said...

I'm still a little reluctant to equate Obama with Hitler. Heck, I'll just say that I reject that comparison entirely.

Hitler's actions spoke much louder than his words. Whether this will be true of Obama remains to be seen.

But if we've learned anything over the last few years, it's that it is not fair to allege the worst possible crimes against people we don't like just because we don't like them. Sure we're headed for hard times, but history will speak for itself when it's all said and done.