Thursday, March 29, 2007

Programming notes

1) For the next several days, my presence here will be infrequent at best, as our moving process has begun. Apologies in advance if I don't respond or post much until some time next week.

2) The Memphis Passion Play will be at Bellevue from Friday, March 30th to Wednesday, April 4th. Make plans now to attend!



bill loney said...


When you get settled in, you might want to check out Big Joe's pawn shop on the main strip. He's got used lawn mowers there that are pretty sweet...some even work. Tell him Dr. Loney sent you and he'll probably throw in the sparkplugs for free.

As my ex wife, Anita Carr Loney, used to always say:"it's not who you know that can get you ahead, it's who doesn't know you". Words to ponder, Anita, words to ponder.

William T. Loney, M.D.

solomon said...


I thought the Passion Play was great, and your perfomance was superb Wednesday night. (My wife almost had to hold me back to keep me from running up on the stage when you got mean with Joseph of Arimathea.)

The kids loved the animals and the flying angels, of course.

Well done! Thanks for all the hours you put into it.

Bepatient said...

Hey Mike! Happy Easter!

We miss you in the batcave... hope all is going well in the move!