Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some serious "anti" comments

Perhaps you are aware--and if not, you will be--that the United States nurtures, at present, the seeds of wholesale Christian persecution. In no way do we as Christians in the United States have the level of persecution present in places such as China or Saudia Arabia, but the soil for growing such persecution is being prepared.

Earlier this week, The Catholic League called for Democrat presidential aspirant John "The Breck Girl" Edwards (and if Mr. Edwards didn't have such a documented fascination with his hair, the nickname wouldn't have as much traction) to dismiss two of his staffers, both of whom have made stridently and unrepentantly anti-Christian public statements. Not just "We don't like Christianity because of" x, y, or z, but... well, my ability to analogize comes up short in this instance. The Catholic League's website is listing more details, but I cannot bring myself to directly link to the quoted comments. Suffice it to say they are some of the most disgusting statements I've ever seen directed at Christians and Christianity, and particularly at the Catholic denomination.

Perhaps, at my age, I should be surprised by such things, but Mr. Edwards has refused to fire his employees, after he had indicated that's precisely what he would do. (I thought it was too cold outside for flip-flops??) The events surrounding these two Edwards campaign staffers serve to illustrate, again, why Mr. Edwards is patently unqualified to run for President--even as the Democrat nominee. Does anyone really think that Mr. Edwards would've even gotten a single hair in his coiffure out of place in firing his two staffers had they made similar statements against, oh, say, Muslims and Islam?

Open contempt for those of us who are Christians and for Christianity in general is getting more and more fashionable. Combine that with individuals, such as Mr. Edwards, whose "leadership skills" are summed up as following the fashionable, (rather than leading through what is perhaps unpopular to what is right) and one phrase comes to mind: It's going to get worse before it gets better.

But we knew that already, didn't we?


EDITED TO ADD: As of yesterday (February 14), both of Edwards' staffers have resigned. Did they leave of their own accord, or were they "encouraged to depart"? It really doesn't matter. The point is that blatantly anti-Christian screeds are not firing offenses in at least one Democrat's presidential campaign.

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